Rocket Fueled Process

Rocket Fueled Process

Advanced Lean Product Development
for Software Startups

By William Belk

Rocket Fueled Process is a book that goes explores the realities of software product develepment. Rocket Fueled Process will help you visualize key concepts of software developement, like waterfall process, work in process (WIP), total risk evaluation, batch size, lean, kanban, scrum, and more.


Chapter 1: Product 101
  • The Beauty of Deconstruction
  • User Centered Design 13
  • The Declaration
Rocket Fueled Process - Product Serendipity
Chapter 2: Reality & Constraints
  • Traditional Models of Product Development
  • What is the Reality of Building Software?
  • Mastery & Unrealistic Behavior
  • Prioritize The Real Value We Are Creating: ROI Reality
  • The Beauty of Constraints
Rocket Fueled Process - Waterfall Process
Chapter 3: Intro to Lean
  • What is Lean?
  • Lean Startups and the Democratization of Learning
  • Concept to Iteration
Rocket Fueled Process - Lean TPS
Chapter 4: Total Cost of Ownership
  • Understanding Total Cost of Ownership - Lifecycle Economics
  • Understanding The Impact of Debt
  • Debt In Code
  • Debt In Culture
  • Debt In Process
  • Debt In People
Rocket Fueled Process - Cost of Incorrect Assumptions
Chapter 5: Batch Size & Work In Process
  • Understanding Batch Sizes and Risk
  • Implementing Work in Process Constraints
  • Eliminating Unecessary Work In Process (WIP)
  • Synchronicity Is Essential
  • Synchronize Small Batches Around Common Goals
Rocket Fueled Process - Risk, Batch Size & Work In Process
Chapter 6: Tools & Methodologies
  • Tools are just artifacts of our foundation
  • Overview of some popular dev methodologies for startups
  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • Step 1: Planning Meeting
  • Index Cards
  • Step 2: The Sprint, also called the Cycle or Work Iteration
  • Step 3: The Daily Standup
  • Step 4: Retrospective
  • Kanban
Chapter 7: The Simple Team Principle
  • The Simple Team Principle
  • 1. Simple Scope Agreement
  • 2. Simple Build Agreement
  • 3. Simple Validation Agreement
  • We Have Completed One Iteration
Rocket Fueled Process - Simple Team Principle
Chapter 8: Structuring Teams for Success
  • Building Ethical Systems
  • Team Structure
Rocket Fueled Process - Employee Wellness
Chapter 9: Sketches, Whiteboards & Wireframes
  • Do It Like Picasso
Rocket Fueled Process - Idea Development Pyramid
Chapter 10: Financial Modeling
Chapter 11: Key Metrics & Success Measurement
  • Metrics and Validation Analyisis
  • Team Measurement
  • Micro Experiment Testing & Optimization
Rocket Fueled Process - Teamwork Wins
Chapter 12: What Makes A Great Dev Team
  • Product Managers
  • Experienced Engineers
  • Systems Engineers
  • Hiring Personalities
Rocket Fueled Process - Senior Engineers vs Hackers
Chapter 13: Go Make A Customer Happy, Tommorrow
Chapter 14: Random Musings
  • Good companies are always in Beta
  • Advice for Small Startup Teams
  • Advice for Small Teams in Large Organizations
  • Advice for Product Managers Advice for Engineers
  • About the Author

About the Author

William Belk

William Belk's core focus centers around operational incubation, Lean process improvement, product design/strategy, user experience and complex data problems. With over a decade of early stage startup experience, William has served in roles ranging from founder, investor, first-employee, mentor, community organizer, strategist and advisor.




© 2015 William Belk

All illustrations by Dave Savage